LaTeX formulas in gnuplot

As a reminder to myself: On the TeX Stackexchange, there is a nice question and discussion by me and some helpful people on how to use LaTeX code in gnuplot / how to embed LaTeX equations in a plot. A copy of my revised answer:

First, we set up a gnuplot called test.plt:

plot [-5:5] [-1.5:1.5] sin(x+pi) title "$\\sin(x+\\pi)$"

Then we also set up a small Makefile:

.SUFFIXES: .plt .tex .pdf

%.tex: %.plt
gnuplot -e " \
	set format '$%g$' ; \
	set terminal epslatex standalone color ; \
	set output '$@' \
	" $<

%.pdf: %.tex
	pdflatex $<

all: test.pdf
Running "make all" will produce this plot:

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