New Book: Modeling and Tools for Network Simulation

There is a new book out, for which I contributed part of a chapter: Modeling and Tools for Network Simulation. The book is meant to be a textbook for everyone who needs to simulate computer networks. From the physical layer to the application layer, some best practices are described. Contrary to Amazon and Springer's webpages, the book has more than 256 pages. It's got more than 500 pages, so it is rather comprehensive.


Shortcuts on OS X

I use Spark for defining global shortcuts to tools, applications etc. One of the best things is shortcutting to the login window. This way you can quickly lock your screen, which is not bindable by default in OS X. Also useful: shortcuts to AppleScript, e.g. for opening a new Safari window. This is what Spark looks like, when you edit the shortcuts:

Yellow pages when printing with Debian?

We had the problem of yellow tinted printouts on our Debian Testing machines. With my OS X machine, I did not have this problem, although both system use CUPS 1.4.3 for printing. It seems that Ghostscript was the culprit. The pstopdf filter to be exact. This bug report in the Debian bug tracker describes the exact same problem. The idea is to comment out the "-dUseCIEColor" option. I am not sure in how far this will also change the colour reproduction, but since our systems are not colour calibrated anyhow, I think this will not matter.


Cococa Emacs

I just found out that there is a new website with Cocoa based Emacs builds. Now I can switch from the out-of-date MacPorts version to the Emacs 23.2 of Emacs for Mac OS X.

Update: This is really nice, now also the GUD debugger frontend works nicely. Check it out:


Typo3: Filelinks are not actually links

Whoever named the Typo3 filelinks, should be fired. Out of a cannon. Into the sun. This is because the filelink, does not actually link to a file, but it copies it to some folder (upload/media by default). Why this is so, is beyond my understanding. When you add a simple link in the RTE, and link to a file, you get the expected result: You get an <a> tag linking to the corresponding file in the fileadmin/ folder of Typo3. But when using the filelink, the file will be copied to the upload/media/ directory.

I have tried to use the DAM extension (digital asset management), but that is such a convoluted, under-documented beast, that I got rid of it very quickly. Now I still do not have a solution, but I welcome every hint on how to solve this.