Mystery calls by my iPhone

In the last couple of days my iPhone made a couple of ghost calls. I.e. it called some people from my address book, without me doing the actual calls. I think I found the reason for that now. When you hit the home button for several seconds, an iPhone 3GS with iOS 3.x or 4.x will go into voice command mode. This even works when the phone is keylocked. The voice function is not so robust and will misinterpret quite a few background sounds, noises and voices for commands. I couldn't yet make 100% sure that this is how it happened, but it seems to be the only possibility so far, since my phone is always keylocked, when I carry it in my pocket. So I figure the home button was accidentally pressed, and thus the voice command was activated. Will try to investigate this further...


Wishlist item for the iPhone: Clickable Maps Icons

What annoys me most in the maps application of the iPhone: You cannot tap or click on symbols. E.g. when you tap a bus-icon in the maps.google.com website, you will get a popup with the name of the bus stop and the lines that go there. This is not possible on the iPhone. I also use the fantastic Fahrplan application, however if you do not know the name of the bus stop you want to go to, you're out of luck.


OS X graphics driver bugs

On both our MBP as well as our iMac I can get OS X to crash when using a perfectly fine fragment shader, which works well under Linux. Both under Linux as well as under OS X I am using NVIDIA hardware. This is what the crash looks like:

OS X crashing when using complex GLSL shaders from Arne Schmitz on Vimeo.

Update 2010-07-13: Apple already wrote back, and requested a sample app, which I provided. Let's see if they can figure this out. Kudos for reacting so quickly!


me.com woes

I have been using me.com for a while now, and am relatively happy with it. The automatic sync of the data between my work laptop and my iPhone is absolutely priceless. Now I've upgraded to the family account to share the (for my needs) ample 40 GB with two friends. Turns out, the other two accounts can only get 5 GB of storage. Ouch. That sort of sucks. Right now, 10 GB cannot be used at all, cause they are reserved for two more people. Why am I then paying for the extra storage anyhow?


VLC 1.1.0: Broken deinterlace on OS X

Well, I was wondering why some DVDs looked jaggy on OS X when watched with VLC 1.1.0. It seems deinterlacing on VLC for OS X is currently broken. The bug is fixed now, but we probably have to wait some more time for a 1.1.1 release.